I collect beer labels.I have more then 42000 beer labels from all the world. I can send you all new and older beer labels from Poland and in exchange you send me labels from countries which I collect. I don't collect beer labels from: GERMANY, AUSTRIA, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, ITALY, BELGIUM, FRANCE, SWEDEN, DENMARK, ex-USSR, ex-CZECHOSLOVAKIA. Of course I have for exchange with you also other beer labels (even from countries which I don't colllect). I propose send in each envelope ~100 beer labels from our countries +50 other. What do you think about this? You can send me also polish labels with the word: PN-66, PN-60, PN-55, or except this word PN-.. ! Have you any pre-war (before 1945) polish beer labels in your collection? Which one for exchange? Especially I like overseas (AFRICA,ASIA,...) beer labels. I have many of them for exchange but only for other good oversaes. [Spain label] I haven't any labels from those countries but you may see few color or black-white copies of those labels. Please help me! I looking for those beer labels a few years and I still haven't any in collection:

I will send you something extra if you get me something from this list. There are some beer links.
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[NEW!]There are labolog list of largest internet collection of beer labels from each countires (from 2001 !).
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